Radius Fashion Show

On November 14th Solee Shoes was asked to participate in a fashion show that took place at Radius on James Street South.

The theme was Winter Glow and Radius launched a brand new winter menu complete with fashion show by local Hamilton brands. It was fantastic.
solee shoes at radius
A community collaboration and a fashion show - those are two of our favourite things! 
This event was so fun from start to finish - the whole creative process, styling and executing, running into clients and meeting potential new ones all while exploring new, amazing places in the city. (Radius is BEAUTIFUL!) It was a wonderful night of sharing the stories of how it all began while supporting our thriving community. 

My personal highlight of the evening was connecting with other local business owners who participated in the show - it was quaint enough that we could actually talk shop. It's always nice to feel the support of our other business owners, discussing some of our mutual trials and tribulations and acknowledge that "WE" are not alone. And that we are doing it!

Running into Lynn from Blackbird Studios and being able to tell each other in person how much we admire each others stores! Seeing the ladies of Milli's who always have great advice and are happy to share it! (retail advice from Milli's, I'll take it!! ) or Max Francis, founder of True Hamiltonian who is always up for a discussion on happenings in Hamilton and what's next for our city.  

It's occasions like these that really humanizes everyone. Almost everyday we see each other online, through a screen. Connecting in-person has a positive impact that creates great camaraderie in our community. It's a fantastic reminder of what we all have in common:  we're all working hard, living our passion and having some fun along the way.
Thank you to Radius Dining for organizing such a terrific night!